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Slide Primo piano di una bambina con gli occhi azzurri appoggiata a un lavandino. La bambina, ebrea ortodossa del quartiere Mea Shearim di Gerusalemme, è vestita con il costume della regina Esther, tipico della festa di Purim, il carnevale ebraico. Nel lavandino si sono due tazze di plastica per il lavaggio rituale delle mani, la Netilat Yadaym. WHICH KIND OF

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“Let this journey be useless. Useless and essential“ Fabio Pusterla

Are you

Choose among a variety of services:

How does it work?

In other words I will ask you to fill out a questionnaire, a kind of Proust Questionnaire – if you know what I mean. Just a few questions to get to know you better.

I need about 10 days to process such experience since it is unique and original to you.

For instance (I am just giving an example!): 

I could set up a private visit to an inaccessible location or a culinary experience in an unusual place I could let you in behind the scenes of an event or introduce you to creative people from the local scene, whether they are designers or startuppers, musicians or scientists. 

I am not a travel agency or a tour operator, but I work in partnership with some of the best professionals. If you want to rely on my care to organize a complete trip, I will be happy to do it, in collaboration with trusted people and agencies.

If you keep thinking of the spicy note that made a dish you tasted unforgettable, then Beshushu is your cook!


All services are tailor-made for you, based on your tastes and preferences.
The Travel & Leisure Design counseling starts from 150 $ and depends on the duration and complexity of the experiences to be designed.
The Social Media Concierge is 300 $ per day.
A basic Photo Shoot starts from 800 $.

It is obviously possible to create an integrated package of experiences and services.
The best thing to do is to discuss the matter in person. Do not hesitate to reach out to schedule an appointment!


Slide Due finestre a forma di croce sulla facciata del Santuario di Atotonilco in Messico.