There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign

Robert Louis Stevenson

Fabiana Magrì

Founder & CEO

With its onomatopoeic rustling, BeShushu is an idiomatic expression in Hebrew slang. It suggests something exclusive and hidden, which can only be found by those who can discover what is off the beaten track… right there, where the magic is covert.


With Beshushu I design tailor-made experiences for travel and quality time, for travelers and expats around the world.


I am a journalist, digital nomad.

My sixth sense is traveling


As an expat myself, I could use the words “relocate” and “travel” as synonyms to trace the geographies that make up the map of my story. This must be the reason why I don’t need to call a single place “home”: I just love having several “homes”.

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I have always concealed my desire to get to know New York. I feared the suffering of never discovering it or not being up to it. When the opportunity presented itself, it was an immense gift: the perfect week. Just a few days before the world came to the first extreme event of the second millennium with a truly global impact. At Hudson Yards I throw my gaze overboard. I’m waiting for the day when I’m going to get it back.

I found myself in Reykjavík by chance during a snowy season, with my gaze on the sea. In this remote city I discovered that the most secluded corners of the world are far from being isolated. Reykjavík entered my nostrils one morning, thanks to the wind from the sea.

I have been going back to London periodically with two missions: look inside myself and look for challenges. I will always cherish the memories of the city where I chatted with Brian Eno, on a Notting Hill sidewalk: “Hey Brian, it’s Fabiana!”. I had met him in Rome working on one of his exhibitions.

I was born in Genoa on a snowy day, with my gaze on the sea. I love the city laid bare by Fabrizio De Andrè and the one hinted at by Eugenio Montale. In Genoa, I absorbed the “understatement”, the agility of walking on the rocks and the attraction for the bottle green color of the sea.

In Rome I ended up several times, despite myself. With an orphaned gaze of the sea, I lived the city poised between charm and unease. It is undoubtedly the city where I have moved houses more than ever. And skin, as well.

Tel Aviv was offered to me as a dowry. I landed in the “coolest” city in the Middle East with unwavering confidence and my gaze focused on the sea again. Then, unexpected, the snow came on my wedding day. I have dedicated more words and images to this city than to any other place. In exchangeTel Aviv handed me Beshushu.

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Il panorama di prati verdi, montagne e cielo azzurro tra nuvole bianche sembra entrare dalla finestra della suite del resort Chetzeron, in Svizzera. Tavola disegno 118


Slide Una coppia cammina lungo la High Lane di Manhattan, tra alberi spogli e un'atmosfera autunnale.